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Tribal Leadership

In a TED Talk, based on his book, David Logan shares what he and friends have found out about tribal #leadership. A tribe is a #culture. It's the way an organization functions. There are unique characteristics to every tribe, and these attributes often lead to success or failure.

David presents the five stages of a tribe. He presents stage 1 as the group that believes "life sucks." He presents stage 2 as the group without purpose, no success involved. Stage 3 is a tribe whose members are very smart and believe "I am great," individually. Stage 4 is a tribe where those smart people in stage 3 come together to believe and function under a common goal that's bigger than them, "we are great." Stage 5, David presents, is a tribe that functions under "life is great."

The importance of this is for leaders to know the different levels of tribes (and cultures) to meet people where they are. If the people and tribe you lead are in stage 2, David says the onus is on you as the leader to move the tribe to stage 3, onto stage 4, and eventually stage 5. Change your culture, positively, by moving your tribe closer to stage 5.


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