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What We Do

Do you wish to advance in your career as a healthcare leader? Are you looking for a job as a healthcare administrator? Would you like to be a CEO, COO, Director or Manager in a healthcare system, hospital, private practice or physician group? What if we could help you get that promotion you so desire? What if we could help you secure that job you've worked so hard in school to earn?

#HealthcareLOT provides a free assessment for those interested in working with us on their journey to being the best healthcare leader possible. With our tailored program, we work with individuals on a 1:1 basis to achieve the desired goal within a reasonable timeline.

Leadership Career Coaching (LCC)

With this program, we help current healthcare leaders grow in their career with a specific goal to be promoted. Are you a supervisor wanting to be a manager? Are you a manager wanting to be a director? Our step by step program beginning with an analysis of your strengths and opportunities for growth will lead you to your destination within a year.

Leadership Job Hunting (LJH)

Have you completed the needful to gain a job in healthcare leadership and yet to be called for an interview? Do you believe you have what it takes to be a healthcare leader? We work with you with a 6 months deadline to find you a job as a healthcare leader within the industry. We assess your strengths and how best to prepare you for your desired position & work a realistic plan to get you there. There are 7 steps we take you through to get you to your destination.

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