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The Beginning of the End. #DeathOfObamaCare

These guys are just brutal, but can you actually blame them? What guys you may ask, well the Republicans who are attempting to erase and repeal the hard work and law of Barrack Hussein Obama through the Affordable Care Act.

It’s like an Armageddon, and the legacy of the 44th President of the United States of America stands in jeopardy. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as the #ObamaCare, which should truly be called #RomneyCare2.0 is facing a tough battle on Capitol Hill. The republicans haven’t forgotten; they’ve stomached the pain for so long that this pain has a memory of its own, a name of its own and is now birthing children of its own. Now that they’ve got control of both houses and in a few days the presidency, it’s time to revenge.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a 7-year-old law passed to provide affordable healthcare coverage for all Americans through a national insurance program. The law, famously known as #ObamaCare was fashioned after Hillary Clinton’s attempt for a national healthcare program in 1994 and Mitt Romney’s #RomneyCare that still exists in the state of Massachusetts today. It is ironic however that a healthcare plan that is derived from a strong member of the republican party and a previous presidential candidate has become the signature product by which current republicans in Capitol Hill plan to undo all that was done by Barrack Obama.

Not even 3 months after the fall election of 2016, republicans are already working overtime to repeal this law that has provided health insurance to millions of Americans who were previously uninsured or underinsured. Kenneth Raske of the Greater New York Hospital Association said that “More than 20 million people could lose their health insurance, and states could lose billions of dollars in Medicaid money.” Don Hoppert in an email to all members of The American Public Health Association (APHA) asking for a call to action to stop the repeal of the ACA said that many “would lose their health insurance, leading to an increase in health disparities and premature deaths. The first and only mandatory funding stream for public health and prevention created under the ACA, the Prevention and Public Health Fund, would also be at risk and result in a major loss of support for public health programs.”

The clock is ticking, and it's ticking faster than lobbyists, interest groups and supporters of #ObamaCare can act. It’s as though the moves made have been strategic to cripple the healthcare industry, but leaders in hospital and healthcare systems management seem to be cautious not to shed light in their direction and be black-balled by the Trump Coalition. As early as Thursday, January 12, a major step may have been taken towards repealing this law; Senate might approve language in a budget resolution which could speed up the repeal process with little hindrance from supporters of the law.

So, how does this affect the common American? Well, it’s truly too soon to tell. The assumption is that the law will be repealed and a new process put in place to build a formidable healthcare bill to solve the issues of affordable, quality and accessible healthcare for Americans. It might look like the current #ObamaCare, or might look more like the #RomneyCare of MA; nonetheless it is important to put it in prayers that decisions of those in the helms of affairs favor us all, amen.

Best wishes,


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